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Whenever you do not feel like sporting there are many other things to do. You can find, for example, many open-air theatres in this region, where historical plays are performed in captivating manner. Or you can make a trip to the 2000-year-old city of Regensburg where you should not miss the sightseeing tour or the visit to the Weltenburg monastery.

What about a daytrip to the exciting city of Prague, to the beautiful Karlsbad or Marienbad where emperors and kings were looking for rest and a refreshing change? Very exciting is also a trip along the "Glasstrasse" (glass road) which starts in the north, in Tirschenreuth, and goes through Waldmünchen to Passau in the south and then back again via Cham to Waldsassen. Along the "Glasstraße" you can find many shops selling beautiful crystal ware, and also visit elaborate glass manufacturing factories.

This part of Germany offers a wide range of activities not only during summer but also in fall and winter.

During fall many of the tourists take a ride in a horse and carriage or look for mushrooms in the woods. Regular customers already know where to find the best mushrooms. Cross-country skiing, downhill-racing as well as sleigh rides are just some of the wintertime activities on offer.

The untouched nature of the Bavarian forest caters for each and every wish. Healthy air and untouched nature offer the active tourist a refreshing change, relaxation and rejuvenation. Nurtschweg Nr. 6, which is an extensive hiking route stretching from Norway to Genoa in Italy, is right on the Katharinenhof's doorstep. 900 km of marked cycle-tracks make every passionate biker happy. 120 km of the river Regen promise an exciting journey for water babies along breathtaking banks.

Those of you who have a passion for water will enjoy the three lakes near the hotel. There is the Perlsee, the Eixendorf See and the Silbersee (not the one described in the books of Karl May, but nevertheless exciting). You are sure to find your perfect activity!